The Symposium

Major changes continue to occur in Geriatric Care in the Region. There are increasing external and internal pressures to improve the quality of patient care, providing better services for the elderly, and to emphasize health policies and regulation that protect the elderly in the region. Hence the conference on "The Challenges in Geriatric Care" will involve public organizations and NGOs cooperating to share information, skill and experience in a gradually increasing manner, and taking the lead in great social developments with the resulting synergy, reveals itself as a phenomenon worth appreciation. Moreover, the developments gain speed with the financing provided by the business world, which is aware and conscientious of its social responsibilities.

The Purpose of the Symposium

- Contributing in efforts to bring the Alzheimer's disease to the attention of the
regional countries,
- Developing a national geriatrics policy,
- Developing the concepts of geriatric care and services,
- Contributing to social awareness,
- Analyzing in cultural terms the phenomenon of aging,
- Establishing and monitoring demographic developments,
- Ensuring exchange of information and experience,
- Training institutions and specialized personnel trainings.

The Symposium will follow two parallel tracks

1. A seminar for all health professionals on Alzheimer's.
2. A seminar for the public with spontaneous translation.